Water Damage Restoration Services & Insurance Claims

In case of an emergency, put the power of Cook Bros. to work for your carpets. The last thing that we want our customers to have to go through is a water damage in their home, but when it occurs one call to Cook Bros. will put an Emergency Response Team in motion to take care of the disaster. 247
waterdamage Our professional technicians are trained and certified to handle all types of water damage situations. For information, contact your Cook Bros. professional.Insurance Claims: When you have an insurance loss it pays to use Cook Bros.. We can work directly with your insurance company saving you time. We also use the estimating software called Xactimate© used by most insurance companies with industry set pricing.facebook_white twitter_white linkedin_white digg_white

For more information on basement flooding contact us at Cook Bros. or give us a call at (602) 246-7999

3 Causes of Basement Flooding

Basement flooding can be a very costly and dangerous issue.  Not only can it cause costly mold problems to your house and structural damage but it can endanger the health of you and your family.  It is definitely not a wait and see situation.  Basement system waterproofing a good way to make sure that you lower the possibility of flooding.  Flooding can be caused by a couple of things.

The Location of your house

One of the most common causes of flooding is the house was build on an unsuitable location.  Certain terrains such as down slopes can cause reoccurring flooding.

Faulty Floor and Wall Sealing

Floor and wall sealing should be done when the home is being built so that water can’t enter the premises has easily.  If not done properly water can enter the home and do damage.

Blocked Gutters

This is when the manifold that connects to your home gets blocked.  This can cause sever flooding in the basement.  When this happens you need to contact the authorities that are in charge of theses sytems in hyour community to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

For more information on basement flooding contact us at Cook Bros. or give us a call at

(602) 246-7999