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Air Filters & Purifiers

DustEater® Return Air Filter by Permatron

The DustEater® Air Filter is proven in independent laboratory testing to provide highly
efficient system-wide air filtration with low resistance to airflow. Utilizing two electrostatic
charged fabric panels separated by our unique ACCUMULATOR CHAMBER® produces a very effective three-stage filtration process. The first media panel (pre-filter) attracts
and holds airborne particulates. The filter fabric’s inherent electrostatic charge enhances
filtration by drawing particulates onto fiber surfaces like iron fillings onto a magnet.
Static electricity, being static, does not flow like electrical current, and therefore does not
discharge over time or require either grounding or insulation.


UVC Max36 Air Purifier System

The UVC Max36 is a high efficiency air purifier that utilizes proprietary UV (germicidal)
lamp that destroys biological & chemical contaminants including odors. It can be
installed in the air handler or furnace in any building including homes, commercial
spaces, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. It is effective at helping to eliminate airborne
contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, viruses, fungi, mold, and more. It also
continuously reduces odors by sterilizing the air passing through the air conditioning unit
with UV light during use.