Smoke Removal Experts

Many of us are all aware that smoke of any kind can leave a strong and lasting odor. The problem many people have with smoke is that no matter how many different tips and tricks they try, the stubborn smoke smell remains. From painting the walls to changing the carpet, removing smoke from a home and/or business is not that easy. Many steps need to be taken and special equipment may have to be used, such as an ozone generator.

So, how are you supposed to remove that annoying smoke odor?

There is plenty of advice online about smoke removal. Some of these tips come with appealing illustrations that can make many feel hopeful. Although, once the step by step instructions are completed, the stubborn odor is only temporarily masked. The only way to get rid of smoke odor, whether it is from smoking tobacco or a house fire, is finding and removing all smoke molecules within the area.

This is where things get tricky. Every little corner, crack, and fabric, must be removed, cleaned well, and washed, if necessary. Since you are trying to remove smoke molecules, it’s safe to assume that these are not visible and having an idea of what area, if not all, has been affected. So, if you had a fire in the home, you would have a better idea of which room would need to be treated. Same goes for smoking. If you or anyone in the home used to smoke in a specific area, then this is the area that must be treated and cleaned from top to bottom.

We enjoy helpful DIY projects but in all honesty, depending on the degree of the lingering smoke odor, we highly recommend calling a smoke removal specialist like us, Cook Bros. Cleaning & Restoration. We say this because cleaning an area from top to bottom doesn’t always guarantee that the odor will go away. Smoke molecules are small and we have the necessary equipment that will find and break up the molecules in the area that is being treated. With our Ozone Treatment, we are able to successfully remove fire and smoke odors from any property. Ultimately, knowing when to call a professional will save you more money and time in the end.

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